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Do you hear a lot of noise when you push the button activating the garage door opener? With time, your garage door motor is going to have more trouble doing its job. Therefore, if it creaks, clanks, or squeaks, you may need a garage door opener repair.

It’s also important to check the emergency release, as this could have been engaged accidentally. When that happens, the garage door opener is not going to work as a safety precaution. There could also be an issue with the garage door trolly, which is the rail going from the door to the motor. This is all connected by a bar or chain and could have issues. Whether you need a repair or installation, we'll get the job done right the first time.

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What Is a Garage Door Opener?

A garage door opener has a motor in it to close and open the door. Generally, there are switches on the wall, and you might get a remote to keep in your purse or vehicle.

The garage door system is very complicated and works on a radio transmission system. You push the button on the garage door remote or wall switch, and a code goes to the receiver.

When that happens, the opener starts moving the door over the garage door track. The process should be smooth and continuous, but not too fast. Once it is fully raised, you can exit the garage as normal. Then, the process reverses itself when you hit the wall switch again or the remote and lowers the door back down.

There is a garage door trolly, which is a chain or bar that goes from the motor to the door. This is an important piece of equipment to help move the door along in a pulley-style system.

Sometimes, the door doesn’t work correctly. If it is trying to raise or lower itself and can’t, there is an emergency release available. You can press down the handle to stop the motion altogether. This shuts power off to the system so that the issue can be diagnosed and repaired. Once you engage the emergency release, you cannot use the door opener until it is reset. Some brands allow you to do this yourself. If not, we can help you troubleshoot the problem and disengage this safety feature. That way, you can use the garage door opener as it is intended to be used.

Types of Garage Door Openers

There are three primary garage door opener types on the market that we install and repair. We’re going to discuss each one briefly so that you know what’s available and what you have installed. Many times, people decide to go with the same style, but you may want to choose something a little different when you understand what they are.

Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener

A chain-driven garage door opener utilizes a chain to connect the motor and the trolley. Generally, these systems are inexpensive because they are clunky and loud. There is a lot of vibration and metal-to-metal contact, even when they are working correctly.

Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener

Most homeowners choose the belt-driven opener. Instead of a chain or metal rail, a rubber belt is used. Therefore, they are quieter to operate and have fewer vibrations. Generally, there is smoother motion than with the chain-drive option. Still, for that convenience, you do pay a little more.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

The Wall-mount opener is sometimes called a jackshaft. It’s installed on the inside of your door. They often have 24V DC motors with cables and pulleys to turn the torsion bars and raise up the door. Often, they are suitable for larger doors, such as in commercial applications. Of course, the ceiling is free, which is ideal for overhead storage. However, they work with ceilings that are high and low. They’re the most expensive option on the market, but they do their job very effectively.

Common Problems of Garage Door Openers

There are countless problems that your garage door opener might have. These include:

Misaligned Sensors

Sometimes, the garage door sensors get out of whack, which means they aren’t aligned properly. This can happen quite frequently, but they are a necessary part of your garage door. Without garage door safety sensors, you run the risk of having the door fall on you or not opening all the way. If you don’t notice it in time, you could run into the door with your vehicle. Such a photo-eye sensor can get dirty or damaged, but we can help you fix the issue.

The Remote, Keypad or Wall Switch Aren’t Functioning

When you have a garage door opener remote, you can use it from the vehicle or have it somewhere on your body. There is also a garage door wall switch to activate it from inside the house. The most common problem with the garage door remote is that the batteries die. Your garage door keypad may also have dead batteries. Generally, the garage door opener keypad requires appropriate wiring. If the garage door opener wall switch wiring goes bad, you may need us to help rewire things. We can also help with a garage door wall switch replacement issue.

Broken Gear

When you have a Chamberlain garage door opener, it’s one of the best on the market. However, it can suffer from a broken gear at times. If that happens, you need the professionals here. We can also help with a Craftsman garage door opener has the same components as the other brands. If something goes wrong with the gears, please call us to have it checked out and fixed.

Garage Door Doesn’t Close Completely

Does your garage door close but not all the way? This is a common issue, and it often happens because the garage door limit setting is off. That can happen for many reasons. Usually, it isn’t a challenge to fix the garage door limit adjustment, but it can be tricky to do yourself. It’s best to call us and let a friendly technician come out and change everything so that it is right and accurate. Then, you’re going to have a door that fully closes each time you use it.

Opener Reversing Feature Doesn’t Work

Many people don’t realize that there is an opener reversing feature. Some manufacturers call it the auto-reverse. You need this option because it is for safety. If your door continues trying to close when an object is put in its path, you need a garage door safety check by one of our technicians. Testing it yourself is dangerous. We are going to put an object in its closing path. If it hits the object, there is something wrong with the opener reversing feature, and we can fix the issue. Often, it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort, but you can rest easy knowing that your closer isn’t going to accidentally hit the vehicle or a person exiting the garage.

Emergency Release Is Pulled Down

When the garage door emergency release gets pulled down, that means the garage door won’t open. You may have forgotten that you pulled it, but there could be another reason for it to be engaged. Still, you can call us and request service. Our team can inspect everything and test the garage door emergency release mechanism.

Why Choose Carmel Garage Door Repair

Carmel Garage Door Repair offers same-day service, and you can call for help seven days a week. You’re going to see affordable pricing from certified technicians. If you’re looking to install a new opener, Liftmaster is the best, and we are trained to handle this brand.

Brands We Work With

When installing a new garage door opener, we work with Liftmaster and can fix this brand, as well. However, our technicians are licensed to handle Chamberlain and Craftsman repairs, too.

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