How To Reattach Garage Door Emergency Pull

how to reattach garage door emergency pull

emergency pull
There are various reasons you might need to pull the emergency release cord on your garage door. For example, if the opener malfunctions while opening the door or if there’s an obstruction that sensors detect when there shouldn’t be one. Also, if you lose power.
Even though it seems like reconnecting the door to the automated garage door opener after pulling the cord should be easy, some people have difficulty with this process and getting the door back in working order again.
To manually operate your garage door, first, locate and pull the emergency release cord. This will disengage the quick-release mechanism, allowing you to open or close the garage door by hand. Note that some newer models of garage doors will automatically reengage after pulling the emergency release cord; if yours does not auto-reengage, simply take a few additional steps as described below.
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    Step 1: Garage Door Must Be in Down Position

    Only disengage your garage door opener from your garage door when the door is in the down position. If you try to do it while the door is up, it could be very dangerous. This is because if the spring on your garage door breaks, the whole weight of the garage might fall suddenly. This could damage anything under the garage door, including yourself or the garage door.

    Step 2: Locate & Pull Emergency Release Cord

    Assuming your garage door opener is mounted on the ceiling, look for the red cord hanging down. This is the emergency release cord. The way that the emergency pull works is that it pulls a pin out of the track and disconnects the trolley from the opener carriage. This releases the door so it can slide along the track, without the opener’s power and be operated by hand.
    Once you find it, pull it straight down with a firm grip. You might need to use a little bit of force to disengage the quick-release mechanism.

    Step 3: Open or Close Garage Door by Hand

    Now that the door is disengaged from the opener, you should be able to open or close it by hand. Return your garage door to the down position before re-engaging your automatic opener. To close the garage door by hand, start in the middle and lift straight up. The door should start to close on its own.

    Step 4: Reattach Garage Door to Opener

    To reattach your garage door to the opener: pull the red handle away from the motor and toward the garage door until you hear a click. This retracted spring will now allow you to either re-engage manually or with a remote control. Remember, it’s crucial that you listen for the click; this sound tells you that the garage door opener is once again engaged.
    To engage the garage door opener remotely, press the button on your remote control. To engage it manually, slide the garage door along its track until you hear or feel a click, which indicates that the trolley has re-engaged.
    Once the door is down, pull on the red cord to reattach it to your opener. The quick-release mechanism will now be engaged and your opener should work as normal.

    Step 5: Test Your Opener Regularly

    It’s a good idea to test your garage door opener and emergency release cord regularly to make sure they are working properly. This will help you be prepared in case of an emergency.
    You should also keep a spare emergency release cord in your garage in case the one attached to the door becomes damaged or lost. That way, you’ll always have a working emergency release cord on hand.

    If you encounter any issues during this process, and your garage door gets stuck in a half-open position, feel free to call our garage door service. We will do our best to come out the same day and fix your garage door. Our office is open all week long, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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    If you encounter any issues during this process, and your garage door gets stuck in a half-open position, contact us right away!

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